New Salt Lake City Utah Lender

We are very excited to announce our newest member to our network of mortgage lending professionals from American Pacific Mortgage out of Salt Lake City Utah; Cindy Price brings the 2 necessary qualities to our network team; amazing loan product as well as exceptional service.

Cindy’s company is a full service Mortgage Lender. They have offer a full range of mortgage loan programs including some very unique FHA loan programs and some of the most aggressive Jumbo and Super Jumbo programs in the nation. Excellent credit gets you 90% Loan-To-Value Jumbo loan programs and Super Jumbo loan programs to 3 million. She also provides a niche service for all borrowers and Real Estate Agents.

Some of her Jumbo and Super Jumbo program highlights include:

Jumbo Loans:

90% Loan-To-Value financing to $850,000 with a 680 credit score and 9 months cash reserves.

89.90% Loan-To-Value financing to 1.5 million with a 740 credit score and 9 months cash reserves, 1 million, only 6 months cash reserves required.

Super Jumbo:

85% Loan-To-Value financing with loan amounts up to 2 million with a 760 credit score, 1.5 million with a 740 credit score and 3 million to 75% Loan-To-Value with a 760 credit score.

These niche jumbo loan programs are certainly some of the most exceptional unconventional loan programs you will see anywhere in the United States. Cindy is an expert in this area of residential lending.

Cindy also offers some very important FHA programs like the FHA Fresh Start program that helps borrower’s qualify for a new home loan in as little as one year after financial hardship.

Cindy also offers a very unique service that greatly benefits all of her clients, both her borrowers and real estate agents:

Cindy will get a full underwriter approval for her borrower up front, prior to going out and shopping for homes. Getting the full underwriter approval up front is nice because the underwriter has already underwritten just about all the loan documents. So once the buyer goes under contract, the loan will close quickly in that all there is left to do is underwrite the appraisal and title commitment. This kind of service can change the dynamic of the home shopping experience. For a buyer and buyer’s agent to go out and look at homes knowing that their loan is not just pre approved, but approved and 90% closed even before they make an offer puts them in a positive position because the seller always wants the most qualified buyer and often either needs or just would like to close as soon as possible for whatever reason. Service in king. Often a quick close is the #1 motivating factor for the seller. As a borrower, Cindy will make you look more attractive as a prospective buyer to the seller and if you’re a real estate agent, nothing more needs to be said about it because your job just became easier and more lucrative. If you’re not in the financial position to be a “cash buyer”, this is certainly the next best thing. Cindy has seen this scenario play out many times saving her borrower’s many thousands of dollars and making her real estate agents many thousands of dollars in commission. You look marvelous darling. Real Estate agents utilize this service to help cultivate productive business relationships with both their buyers and sellers. Leverage is also king.

This is certainly a special service that not many loan officers offer and we are super excited to bring this quality service and level of professionalism to be a part of our range of services.

Our network of mortgage and real estate professionals just got stronger in Salt Lake City. We are only as good as the people we choose to work with, we are certainly lucky to have Cindy with us.

If you’ve been recently declined and need a quick close or you just simply would like some additional loan options or just need some advice from a seasoned Loan Officer. Call Cindy, 801-803-4200 or visit Cindy’s broker profile page.

If you’re having a specific issue or some sort of challenge in securing the right approval for your situation, complete this pre qualification form, social security number not required, however, it will provide enough preliminary information to properly research your loan scenario before she pulls your credit or just give her a call on her mobile 801-803-4200.


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