Help Us Welcome Wholesale Lender Account Executive Renzo Hechavarria of Motive Lending

We are very excited to welcome Mr. Renzo Hechavarria. He brings 26 years of mortgage experience. 1 professional, 26 years of real world mortgage lending service experience. We’ll take it! Professionals like Renzo make us better and our lives easier. This business can be a little stressful now and again, we can only be as good as those we choose to work with. Service in this industry is paramount. Anyone that has been in this business in any capacity knows this. Especially Renzo in that he’s worn many mortgage hats within the last 26 years. This is exceptional because every loan file will go through a number of different departments and he has personal experience in almost all of them. When you can see one file from many different perspectives, through the eyes of an Underwriter, Processor and Funding manager, he can identify any t’s that will need to be crossed, i’s to be dotted from front to back which means the loan will go through faster with far less issues that can typically slow or decline a file. He knows how to make a file solid before any other departments have to work on it. This makes everyone’s job easier. We appreciate it, the borrower appreciates it, the Realtor appreciates it and everyone in between. When we have questions, he has answers. We like that. Team.


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