The Power of Common Sense Mortgage Service

Motive lending brings the power of common sense back to the mortgage Industry. I have been In the mortgage industry since 1989 and have worked in practically every department including underwriting, processing, and funding.  My strength as Account Executive lies in understanding the borrower and their circumstances properly documenting their loan to be able to provide the best financing options available. Knowing the guidelines and working with a great team is key to your borrowers successful experience in mortgage lending.

We offer government loans with Ficos down to 580, Conventional Loans with Ficos down to 620, First Time Home Buyers with LTV up to 97%, High Balance, Jumbo and USDA loans. We also accept 1 year tax returns per LP for S/E borrowers, W2 verification Ok, 5-10 units financed properties, 6 month C/O seasoning new value, Conventional flips no overlays and much more.

Renzo Hechavarria
Account Executive
Motive Lending
(949) 656-8222


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